Hi there and thank you for visiting our website.

I am Marcis Ščerbinins, the owner of this business and in a few sentences let me tell you what OKSHOP is all about.

Sports have always been highly respected by my predecessors. My great-granddad Stanislavs Rudzitis, the father of my grandmother Taisija Rudzīte, ran in the 100-meter sprint at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. Later, Taisija Rudzīte's husband and my grandfather Aleksis Ščerbiņins ran in the 100-meter sprint at the student Olympics in Paris in 1937. My grandparents Eglons Osis and Helga Ose were passionate skiers. Grandpa has made several films about alpine skiing at the time. Under the influence of his parents and his fighter nature, my mother Ilma Ose started alpine skiing and became multiple champion of alpine skiing in Soviet Latvia.

My brother Karlis and I couldn’t properly talk as we were already going down the steepest tracks of Russia in the mid-80s. When I was eight years old, thanks to my father, my brother and I had the opportunity to meet Helmuts Āķis, the founder of the BMX club "Mežciems", and the founder of the BMX club "Favorīts" Harijs Osis. Influenced by these pivotal personalities, my brother and I started a BMX race athlete's career. In early 90's BMX in Latvia developed very rapidly and in 1992 my brother and I had the opportunity to participate in the BMX European Championship in Sweden. This first competition was very special, we had the honour to bear the Latvian flag and sing the Latvian anthem. The feelings of that moment are hard to describe, it is definitely one of the brightest moments of my childhood. In the 90s, a lot of money was required to get to the BMX stages and stand by the start gate with competitive gear. I am very grateful to my parents for this opportunity as I know it has not been easy. A lot of time was spent on the BMX tracks of Carnikava, Jelgava, Cēsis, Valmiera, Saldus, Aizkraukle, Limbaži; each BMX family invested a lot of time, effort, private funds and even their health to make the Latvian BMX known all over the world. Thanks to everyone involved in this sport, Latvia has two Olympic golds. Maris Strombergs’ result is unparalleled and we thank all who stood at the cradle of Latvian BMX race for these thrilling emotions, especially Maris’ parents and coach, without whom it would have never been possible.

In addition to BMX and alpine skiing, I started playing handball at the age of ten. Actively playing handball and thanks to coaches Pēteris Tērvits, Ilmārs Kazeniekis and Andris Gulbis, the teams in which I played achieved remarkable results - the title of Latvian Youth Champion, the title of Latvian Vice-Champion in the Latvian national team, 11 place in junior European final Championship.

Over time I wasn’t only a competing athlete in various sports, but also turned to coaching. After working with Paula Žibase for a long time, in 2017 Paula won the MTB junior World Cup. My son Atis Ščerbiņins has also won several international MTB downhill youth competitions.

Being a member with the Austrian snowboard team, we won gold and bronze medals at the Sochi Olympics, as well as several Crystal Globes.

OKS was founded back in 2003, at that time the only store in the Baltics offering a vast range of goods covering the needs of athletes of BMX Race, DH, bicycle and Freeski.

We invite you to visit our company in Lizuma Street 1 in Riga, Latvia.

Sincerely yours,

Marcis Ščerbinins